Founder of CJ Tattoo and most awarded Asian style tattoo artist in NYC.

Specializes in Traditional Asian style, New Asian style. CJ knows how to create a visual impact on the skin, with rich and vibrant colors. His distinguishing compositions and intricate details make the piece exceptional, either looking from afar or close-up.


GK specializes in black & grey, realism, and fine line works.

The Renaissance paintings and surrealism artworks always inspired GK’s designs. The customers will find the perfect combination of classic aesthetics, a sense of humor, and modern micro-realistic tattoo techniques from his pieces.


Specializes in fine-line, watercolor, and color Asian style. 

It has fascinated moko with delicate lines and details of tattoos, making her work clean, sharp, and effortless. With an eye for colors, she creates tattoos with either subtle movement or vibrant colors with perfect techniques.

Pan Pan

Specializes in traditional, Japanese style.

He has been tattooing for 1o years. He shows solid techniques with crisp lines and smooth shadings and colors. Whether a spontaneous small tattoo or an intricate large piece, you will be more than satisfied with the result.


Specializes in Asian style, black & grey and color.

Started his career in 2016, fascinated with traditional Asian style tattoos, Jin has been focusing on big designs and compositions ever since, trying to create the design that goes with the flow of the human body and muscles, combining Chinese and Japanese traditional cultures.

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